In The Burning Light

IN THE BURNING LIGHT All animalsAll creaturesAll beauty Dead. How couldGod letThis happen? People asked And thenGod replied “Men did” And putOut theFire withRain As heOpenedA door betweenThe cloudsOf smoke Where theSouls of all theCreatures Went ~ R.M. Engelhardt ©

American Poet

AMERICAN POET   I.   I awake In 2019 From A Dream That is Just Another Nightmare   II.   This Is one Seriously Fucked up Place   I choose To go back To sleep Wake me When the Sonnets Return To life The living Wake me When the Verses Breathe Once more When all…

DARK LANDS BOOK Reviews R.M. Engelhardt

via DARK LANDS   Telegraphic missives from the bleak future of now taking in spirit machine and blood . A faint hope beyond hopelessness still guiding the words . ~ Steve Kilbey (The Church) **** R.M. Engelhardt is one of the finest poets currently drawing breath and this book is one hell of a ride….