At The End of The World

They used to say this place is called the “End of the World“ And it has gone by many other names Like Apocalypse Rapture End Days And people have been talkingAbout it forever, for centuriesPutting it in books But if you chooseTo believe in all of this, Do nothing. Don’t stand. Don’t change.Don’t resist with…

Find Your Own Voice

Life, poetry in general is about experience and language. How you present this rare magic is key. The writer or poet is not an expert. It’s how you present it. In other words? Each God is a God and each man is a man or for that matter woman. A line is a line and…

A Few Words On Dark Lands, My New Book of Poems

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EPITAPH. A Poem R.M. Engelhardt

EPITAPH A Poem by R.M.Engelhardt With Music By Will Nivins Love Is The Devil spoken word Project 2007 EPITAPH R.M. Engelhardt

DARK LANDS BOOK Reviews R.M. Engelhardt

via DARK LANDS   Telegraphic missives from the bleak future of now taking in spirit machine and blood . A faint hope beyond hopelessness still guiding the words . ~ Steve Kilbey (The Church) **** R.M. Engelhardt is one of the finest poets currently drawing breath and this book is one hell of a ride….