It’s Official. Poets & Writers

It’s Official. After many years of publishing, writing and creating groups and poetry spoken-word events such as Albany Poets, Vox, The School of Night, The Albany WordFest, The Troy Poetry Mission and many others I’ve finally been honored with my listing in Poets & Writers. Thank you. Poets & Writers R.M. Engelhardt #rmengelhardt #albanypoets #poetsandwriters … More It’s Official. Poets & Writers


NO MORE 11.14.2015   I will be silent I shall not speak of death I shall not speak of these things Anymore For when I was a young man I believed in peace Before towers fell And soldiers died And after blood And the media Monsters Vultures Took the place Of lives Of hopes Of … More NO MORE

LIT 101

Writers? We have to write. If we don’t our brains explode and the poetry, words and ideas go all over. We have to drink for inspiration. And we have to smoke at least a pack a day. Why? Because it’s the law. That’s why. And ? We must drink large amounts of coffee everyday just … More LIT 101


“For last year’s words belong to last year’s language And next year’s words await another voice.” ~  T.S. Eliot HAPPY NEW YEAR !


Burn by R.M. Engelhardt in the night december the cold wind, the frozen world stands still like an abstract like a painting without motion. without sound. smoke & the harsh light of streetlamps, reality dirt white city sidewalks and the panhandlers at the bus stop telling their tale their stories to buy another bottle or … More BURN


If tragedy = permission If love = desire How much we could have learned. If knights could have defeated dragons, steadfast, strong and true, I would have been all of these things for you. But love thee, love thee not, cancel my thoughts beside the vast cataclysm of unwanted dreaming. And here in the dark … More “Chivalry”

R.M. Engelhardt : The Lost Editions Now Available Again On Scribd : Versus & Versus~Lexikon

“V E R S U S” ~ 2009, which is an experimental book of my poems & work. Comprised of older re-invented poetic forms & poetry prose pieces based on The Song Of Solomon, Surrealism, Dreams, Tarot & even some old norse and ancient egyptian forms. Versus~Lexikon: Poems By R.M. Engelhardt 2010 ______________ They indeed … More R.M. Engelhardt : The Lost Editions Now Available Again On Scribd : Versus & Versus~Lexikon