It’s Official. Poets & Writers

It’s Official. After many years of publishing, writing and creating groups and poetry spoken-word events such as Albany Poets, Vox, The School of Night, The Albany WordFest, The Troy Poetry Mission and many others I’ve finally been honored with my listing in Poets & Writers. Thank you. Poets & Writers R.M. Engelhardt #rmengelhardt #albanypoets #poetsandwriters … More It’s Official. Poets & Writers

New Poems In The Fractured Nuance #1

Two More Of My New Poems ‘The Waiting’ and ‘Underground’ will be featured in issue #1 Of The Fractured Nuance Out Of The UK. Check It Out: The Fractured Nuance issue #1 (UK ORDERS ONLY)  £2.50 Creative writing from: Christopher Barnes Krishan Coupland R.M. Engelhardt Christopher Evans Megan MacAlpin Matthew Walsh Patricia Walsh ~ R.M.

Etc Etc Etc

ETC ETC ETC In thy breaking heart, obscured, Silent whereas no one Gives a “shit.”  Whereas a single voice or one still moment in its measure linger, This message, “unrecieved.” Where no amount of time, wine-roses or memories can heal. As human falls, fails broken, out of reason. Long letters written, months recorded days, photographs and … More Etc Etc Etc


End timesEndgame The Mayan calendar, Prophets, sages & warnings “Fuck it” Cause all this was all once just “bible prophecy” & science fiction,& all of that crap that people talked or laughed about When they got bored, drunk or stoned. But they,Were all wrong. “Wrong” And our world our times our peopleDid all this stupid … More A.D.