WAYLOST   There upon that intent star: Trust of wandering men: of truth The most reminding witness: we fix our eyes also: waylost: the wanderers: ~ Macleish   Something is Different SomethingHas changed Perhaps We are justAll worn out Tired From the fight And we wantPeace Sleep But the enemyIs still there Waiting And weAre…


AND YOU WILLREMEMBER Once. There is, wasNothing Is, wasNothing At all But theDead WhoIn theirFinal momentsTheir lastBreath wereSurroundedBy panic And fear Politics And despair StrugglingTo live To survive Unable To scream Where blackOrange &YellowBodybagsLined theHospitalHallways Across nationsAcross the world WherePhotos, mediaFlashedAcross giantInternet screens ConfirmingLoss And theDoctors &NursesEssentialWorkers Fought on Some died But thereIs, was noPrayer…


IMBOLC Ashes from the fireShe rests for awhileTo change the seasonsFrom winter to light ~ R.M. Engelhardt

In The Burning Light

IN THE BURNING LIGHT All animalsAll creaturesAll beauty Dead. How couldGod letThis happen? People asked And thenGod replied “Men did” And putOut theFire withRain As heOpenedA door betweenThe cloudsOf smoke Where theSouls of all theCreatures Went ~ R.M. Engelhardt ©


RETIREMENT Someday I will be an old Poet an old man In an old suit a tie And a fedora hat Reading old poems About the old days To young kids who Won’t appreciate Poetry or jazz or The silence of the Mind nature or Music the mystic Or the magick of Life And it…

Of God,Father & Soul

OF GOD, FATHER & SOUL And it is written: That the 3 Wisemen followed a Star in the southern Sky that brought Them to South Carolina And there In 1933 They found The child James The 1st Wiseman Gave him Rhythm The 2nd Wiseman Gave him Soul But the 3rd Wiseman Gave him The most…

American Poet

AMERICAN POET   I.   I awake In 2019 From A Dream That is Just Another Nightmare   II.   This Is one Seriously Fucked up Place   I choose To go back To sleep Wake me When the Sonnets Return To life The living Wake me When the Verses Breathe Once more When all…

From The Ashes

FROM THE ASHES From the ashes You will one-day Rise To a better place From sadness Doubt You will forgive And be forgiven And all your enemies Will be nothing but The fragments of Time For they were Once human too And from the Ashes they Shall rise with You   ~ R.M. Engelhardt

EPITAPH. A Poem R.M. Engelhardt

EPITAPH A Poem by R.M.Engelhardt With Music By Will Nivins Love Is The Devil spoken word Project 2007 EPITAPH R.M. Engelhardt

Strange Beasts

  STRANGE BEASTS We no longer Dwell in forests The woods or Hunt, ponder About nature Instead We walk through Graveyards On sunny days Admiring the Headstones Of those Who once did Or watch Movies At the mall Gather Our food At Trader Joe’s Drink purified Water from Plastic containers And still Allow morons To…