Let Poetry Be Poetry: R.M. Engelhardt On The Nation’s Recent Apology

The Half Dead Poet Review: The host of The Troy Poetry Mission R.M. Engelhardt let’s his views & thoughts be known on the recent false accusations against the Nation magazine and a young but well meaning poet who simply wrote a poem in regards to the plight of homelessness in America. Writing and poetry is … More Let Poetry Be Poetry: R.M. Engelhardt On The Nation’s Recent Apology

Being A Poet

“Being a poet isn’t something you are or choose. It’s something that happens to you at irregular intervals and with no guarantee it will happen again. You can disregard it when it does happen but you can’t turn it on. All you can do is wait.” ~ Margaret Atwood

January 2018

New Poets. New Writers. Poetry. Fiction. Books. Step Up To The Mic In Troy, NY In 2018. See You Soon ~ The Troy Poetry Mission #stepuptothemic #troyny #troypoetrymission


POET ? I smoke in the ashes Of my own myth Follow the voices in my Head that say “Record these Moments” Become another soothsayer Of another century, another Shadow treading light There are thousands Like me Thousands searching Everyday Perhaps for God Perhaps for themselves Perhaps for no one For they live and re-live … More POET ?

The King of Bohemia

George Sterling (1869-1926); King of Bohemia and central figure in the Californian literary scene of the early twentieth century. Pupil of Ambrose Bierce, whom he called “The Master,” mentor to Clark Ashton Smith, friend of Jack London, Robinson Jeffers and Nora May French. Perhaps best known for his epic poems The Testimony of the Suns … More The King of Bohemia