FINDING RELIGION On the bus Coming home From work I’m on my phone Looking for a WiFi signal None available No connection Then Suddenly I Find “GOD” But his connection Is weak and I’m not allowed To use or sign on To his network Which upsets Me just a little bit But I don’t think … More FINDING RELIGION


ICONIC God died The other day Or at least the Media said so He had a great Career, a few number 1 hits and a fan club Back in the day I turned to My wife after Reading of his Demise on Facebook and Asked; “Wasn’t he dead already?” ~ © R.M. Engelhardt/2019


MORE THAN NIGHT I am searching For something More than night More than The dark The evening Under stars Under the moonlight Another life Or perhaps I just need Another drink Whiskey On the side     ~ R.M. Engelhardt/19

  “The funny thing about enlightenment is that when it is authentic, there is no one to claim it.” ~  Adyashanti


I have spent most of my life (like most people)avoiding transcendence at all costs, mainlybecause the shit hurts. Merely defining transcen-dence can sometimes be painful. I once heard that“Transcendence is the act of going through some-thing”. Ouch. I see plate glass windows anddivorces. Someone else told me that it was “risingabove whatever one encountered in … More TRANSCENDENCE