Of God,Father & Soul

OF GOD, FATHER & SOUL And it is written: That the 3 Wisemen followed a Star in the southern Sky that brought Them to South Carolina And there In 1933 They found The child James The 1st Wiseman Gave him Rhythm The 2nd Wiseman Gave him Soul But the 3rd Wiseman Gave him The most…


FINDING RELIGION On the bus Coming home From work I’m on my phone Looking for a WiFi signal None available No connection Then Suddenly I Find “GOD” But his connection Is weak and I’m not allowed To use or sign on To his network Which upsets Me just a little bit But I don’t think…


ICONIC God died The other day Or at least the Media said so He had a great Career, a few number 1 hits and a fan club Back in the day I turned to My wife after Reading of his Demise on Facebook and Asked; “Wasn’t he dead already?” ~ © R.M. Engelhardt/2019


MORE THAN NIGHT I am searching For something More than night More than The dark The evening Under stars Under the moonlight Another life Or perhaps I just need Another drink Whiskey On the side     ~ R.M. Engelhardt/19

  “The funny thing about enlightenment is that when it is authentic, there is no one to claim it.” ~  Adyashanti


I have spent most of my life (like most people)avoiding transcendence at all costs, mainlybecause the shit hurts. Merely defining transcen-dence can sometimes be painful. I once heard that“Transcendence is the act of going through some-thing”. Ouch. I see plate glass windows anddivorces. Someone else told me that it was “risingabove whatever one encountered in…