TEMPUS EDAX RERUM~ Time The Devourer

TEMPUS  EDAX RERUM What was once in this world  just considered impossible or even science fiction has now become a reality. We have lost so many human lives in such a short amount of time and we have seen our leader’s insincere, disturbed &  selfish reactions to it. We have all watched the news and…

20 Years

Twenty years will come and go. Twenty years enough time to know that there’s beauty in all life. The clocks will stop, the hearts will die but the love will bring you home. The love will always bring you home and always find you.   ~ R.M. Engelhardt


“Time is very slow for those who wait; very fast for those who are scared; very long for those who lament; very short for those who celebrate; but for those who love, time is eternal.” ~ Shakespeare


Books measure time in both moments and years. We all grow old but the stories never will. ~ R.M. Engelhardt