New Or Old. Poetry.

Poetry in any language old or new is the voice us all. A reflection of humanity. Even perhaps a note, a prayer, a mantra or a sign to future generations telling them tomorrow holds what today has lost. Through these voices find yourself. ~ R.M. Engelhardt

What Are Words For?

Question: Without a photo these days what is a poem? Answer: What matters. The poem itself. #talon_poet #writing #poetry #rmengelhardt #whatmatters

Write …

    Follow inspiration, not popularity. Write from the soul, not for the world.   ~ R.M. Engelhardt


“That’s all we have, finally, the words, and they had better be the right ones.” ~ Raymond Carver

Arm yourself …

Arm yourself with pens and imagination, the paper is the empty space between the silence and the void. Fill it with words and ideas of grand thoughts and designs, unseen moments glimpsed out of secret corners. ~ R.M.

The Rain Poets

THE RAIN POETS It seems that all the rain poets Are weeping again tonight, In words, that rain down In buckets. The living, once more pretending To be the dead, the waiting and Wanting of it, just above their heads Like false prophets. The art of Voices & rants As all of the dark clouds…