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WALT WHITMAN IS DEAD Where are you now? Uncle? Poet? Walt? Old man, child of the Long Island Free verse son of America, Teacher & government work-man? ?Human – Being? Citizen Man? Mind of the spirit Spirit, in the flesh Where have you gone? Disappeared Now a ghost Among…

The Outside World

Originally posted on R.M. ENGELHARDT:
As you get older the more things change – for the better or for the worse. Sometimes being a writer and becoming somewhat of an self-isolationist is like being in a sanctuary and finding your true self, your true voice and words. The outside world never goes away. It…

The Blues

A wise old black man once told how to look at life and his words have stayed in my mind since and for many years. He said “When things go bad they could’ve been worse. And I’d rather play the blues than nothin” at all. ” ~ R.M. Engelhardt